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  • Information about transactions with SEB investment funds (does not apply to SEB pension plans)

    We kindly ask you to pay attention that funds shares price in settlement day (day when funds shares transactions and cash transactions are being made) and your funds transaction order processing period of time is affected by order submission time and financial markets holidays in respective region.

    Before submitting order for transaction with SEB fund, we kindly ask you to read carefully orders execution procedure in document “Distribution of SEB investment fund units in Republic of Latvia” and get familiar with financial markets holidays list in website section “Banks holidays”.

    Net asset value (NAV) of funds shares is calculated at the end of respective business day (Valuation day) and published on the next business day.

    For SEB investment funds - SEB Concept Biotechnology, SEB deLuxe Multi Asset Balance, SEB deLuxe Multi Asset Defensive, SEB deLuxe Multi Asset Defensive Plus, SEB Emerging Markets Fund, SEB Sustainable High Yield Fund, SEB Strategy Balanced, SEB Strategy Defensive, SEB Strategy Growth, SEB Strategy Opportunity Net Asset Value of funds shares are reflected for previous respecting financial markets business day before Valuation day.

    Performance of SEB investment funds until 1 year is reflected in absolute percentage. Reflected performance for periods 1 year and more are reflected as an annual interest rate.

Group funds 
Pension plansReturnDateNet asset value (NAV)Currency
1 day1 month1 year
2nd pension pillar plans
SEB aktīvais plāns+0,17% +0,30% +0,70% 19.042,4783774EUR
SEB dinamiskais plāns+0,17% +0,50% -19.041,0075984EURBuy Sell
SEB Eiropas plāns+0,13% +0,57% +1,25% 19.042,487821EUR
SEB indeksu plāns+0,14% -1,02% -19.040,9913706EURBuy Sell
SEB konservatīvais plāns0,00% +0,23% -0,08% 19.042,0551088EUR
SEB Latvijas plāns-0,02% +0,15% -1,21% 19.042,5216264EUR
SEB sabalansētais plāns+0,09% +0,26% +0,07% 19.042,4156463EUR
3rd pension pillar plans
SEB - Aktīvais pensiju plāns+0,35% +0,15% -0,84% 19.041,6275673EUR
SEB - Sabalansētais pensiju plāns+0,21% +0,18% -1,07% 19.041,5557822EUR
Short bond fundsReturnDateNet asset value (NAV)Currency
1 day1 month1 year
SF4 SEB Short Bond Fund EUR C-0,08% -0,08% -0,39% 19.041,278EURBuy Sell
Strategy fundsReturnDateNet asset value (NAV)Currency
1 day1 month1 year
Global multi asset strategy
SEB deLuxe Multi Asset Balance C+0,15% -0,37% +0,74% 19.0468,048EURBuy Sell
SEB deLuxe Multi Asset Defensive C+0,04% 0,00% -1,40% 19.0454,722EURBuy Sell
SEB deLuxe Multi Asset Defensive Plus C+0,09% 0,00% -0,07% 19.0460,611EURBuy Sell
SSF SEB Strategy Balanced Fund C+0,08% +0,76% +3,19% 19.04123,406EURBuy Sell
SSF SEB Strategy Defensive Fund C+0,07% +0,68% +1,74% 19.04116,12EURBuy Sell
SSF SEB Strategy Growth Fund C+0,08% +0,81% +8,46% 19.04149,283EURBuy Sell
SSF SEB Strategy Opportunity Fund C+0,09% +0,71% +5,94% 19.04136,274EURBuy Sell
Bond fundsReturnDateNet asset value (NAV)Currency
1 day1 month1 year
SF5 SEB Corporate Bond Fund EUR C-0,24% +0,12% +0,96% 19.041,687EURBuy Sell
SF5 SEB Dynamic Bond Fund+0,04% -0,08% -0,13% 19.04102,356EURBuy Sell
SHY SEB Sustainable High Yield Fund C-0,07% +0,65% +1,83% 19.04154,179EURBuy Sell
Equity fundsReturnDateNet asset value (NAV)Currency
1 day1 month1 year
Eastern-European equity funds
SF2 SEB Russia Fund C+0,63% -6,75% +0,89% 19.0410,225EURBuy Sell
SS1 SEB Eastern Europe ex Russia Fund C+0,62% +0,97% +6,31% 19.043,554EURBuy Sell
SS2 SEB Eastern Europe Small Cap Fund C+0,79% -5,89% +6,55% 19.044,471EURBuy Sell
European equity funds
SF1 SEB Europe Fund C+0,24% +2,58% +3,72% 19.045,047EURBuy Sell
SF1 SEB Nordic Fund C+0,31% -0,09% +6,38% 19.0412,784EURBuy Sell
North-American equity funds
SF1 SEB US All Cap C-0,21% -2,29% +11,08% 19.048,722USDBuy Sell
Emerging markets equity funds
SF2 SEB Asia ex. Japan Fund C+1,18% -2,09% +26,30% 19.0412,149USDBuy Sell
SS1 SEB Emerging Markets Fund C+1,16% -2,96% +24,05% 19.043,404USDBuy Sell
SS2 SEB Asia Small Caps ex Japan Fund C+0,83% +3,04% -0,79% 19.0454,255SEKBuy Sell
Global equity funds
SF1 SEB Global Fund C-0,48% -0,35% +10,75% 19.044,317USDBuy Sell
Sector funds
SBF SEB Concept Biotechnology Fund C+0,11% -3,77% -9,29% 19.0491,49EURBuy Sell
SF3 SEB Technology Fund C-0,41% -0,83% +23,71% 19.040,48USDBuy Sell
Global fundsReturnDateNet asset value (NAV)Currency
1 day1 month1 year
Global equity funds
SF1 SEB Asset Selection Fund C-0,39% -1,41% -2,13% 19.0416,342EURBuy Sell
SS2 SEB Listed Private Equity C-0,07% -1,40% +0,20% 19.04266,825EURBuy Sell

Source: SEB Investment Management AB

Performance is calculated as a NAV change during the time period.

The prices and performance figures that are available on this page are based on each fund´s base currency NAV. Information about each fund's base currency is provided in funds documentation.

Management fee is included in the NAV.

Subscription fees does not apply for unit-linked life insurance with savings.

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